7 Ways I Earn Passive Income

Passive Income is the number 1 request from my readers. I thought I would start this year with outlining the passive income strategies I have implimented. Before we jump into the tactics and strategies, let’s talk about the benefits of passive income and why you need to focus on building this now! Passive Income Time […]

easy money saving chart save $10,000

Save Up $10,000 This Year With This Chart

I previously posted up a bingo-style table for more personal use on how to save-up $1,000.   However, if you want to really go big just add a zero to all the figures and save-up for $10,000 for your real estate investing.   If you haven’t set-up a budget and personal financial statement, I highly […]

Doing Good With Real Estate Finance And Being Good

The top personal finance aggregation site I use is: Rockstar Finance   This year I was listed in their directory and was actually given a grant to do good.  That’s right!  The guy who runs the site gave me $100 bless others.   As some of you already know I recently was able to purchase […]

Hot Hands In The Car

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How To Get A Mortgage For A Rental Property

Getting a mortgage for a rental property can be very different from getting a mortgage for a personal residence. The first time I got a rental property under contract, everybody told me: “we don’t do mortgages for non-owner occupied residential houses.” The very first thing you need to do when evaluating financing for your rental […]

FHA Guidelines

FHA Guidelines can be very complex.  The actual book published by the FHA is over 1,000 pages!   If you want to get a quick summary instead of reading over 1,000 pages keep reading.   This guide outlines the types of, as well as the necessary qualifications for, FHA loans.     What is a […]

fha guidelines

Investing In The Stock Market Vs Real Estate

Investing can take on many shapes and forms. Still, two of the most common and popular methods involve real estate ventures and stock market trades. Each is associated with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. This is arguably one of the reasons why many investors tend to dabble in both. Let us take a […]

Amazon Prime Hacks For Real Estate Investors

I use Amazon Prime fanatically.  I thought this post would be fun to create some amazon prime hacks for real estate investors. My wife and I watch TV shows, I read Kindle books, send gifts to friends. Even though I love Amazon Prime personally, I’ve never considered using it for my real estate business. A […]

amazon hacks for real estate investors

best construction management app

Best Construction Management App

My long-time readers know that last year I built a house and was looking for a construction management app.  Overall, it was a great process but I was surprised how old school everything was with paper documentation and an endless supply of emails. About 95% of my calls were just calls to “check-in” and as […]

Expert Secrets Book Review

I recently read Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson and wanted to do a book review I loved it so much!  I read a lot of books and this is one of the most interesting books I have read in a long-time.  Not only did I buy the book but I bought a bunch of supporting material […]

Don’t Buy a Home Without Reading This [Infographic]

Buying a house is likely to be the biggest financial commitment that you will make for your entire life, and while the experience can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, it’s important to get it right in order to avoid excessive extra costs in the future. And when it’s your first time buying it can be […]