The Worst Real Estate Fixes of All Time

Worst Real Estate Fixes Of All Time


I have been investing in real estate for over 10 years now!  To say that I’ve seen my share of shoddy fixes would be an understatement.


The best was when my wife hired a painter that fell asleep on the ladder!!!!


My post on 15 property upgrades for a guaranteed ROI was a huge hit so I thought I would write a similar post with some real estate humor.


Honestly, this blog post was really fun to write.  Let me know what you think about it on Facebook!

worst real estate fixes of all time

Worst Lawn Mower of All Time

Worst Lawnmower of all time


Kitchen Sink Fix

Kitchen Sink Fix



When 4×4 Is Required To Get Into The Garage

worst garage of all time


Best Bathtub Fix Of All Time

best bathtub fix of all time

Should We Call A Plumber or Electrician?

should we call an electrician or a plumber

Best Structural Fix Of All Time

best structural fix of all time

If Anybody Knows What This Is – PLEASE TELL ME!!!

weird elevator


Does the Sea Serpent Spit Toothpaste?

weird bathroom Source:

We Forgot To Put In A Front Door – No Big Deal – Just Make A Big Window

no front door


They Say Mirrors Make The Room Look Bigger

mirrors in the bathroom crazy



Time Capsule And A Toilett All In One

Time Capsule Toilett



There Comes a Time When You Just Need to Go Home

go home architect


Awesome Satellite Dish Fix

satellite dish fix


This Taking Multitasking To A Whole New Level

stove on a washing mix 

Who Doesn’t Need Speakers In Their Drop-Ceiling?

ceiling speakers  

Who Doesn’t Want A Shower In Their Kitchen?


shower in the kitchen


Duct Tape Does Fix Everything!

duct taped hot water heater


Awesome Sidewalk Placement

sidewalk poured wrong


[Tweet ” This Is Why The Lowest Bidder Is Always The Best! #fb”]

toiletts too close



Awesome Fan Placement

akward fan



Is It A Windoor?jump out of your front door


[Tweet “I’ve Always Wondered What A Peep Hole In The Bathroom Would Look Like”]

peep hole for your toilett


What’s worse: The tree in the middle of the driveway or the half grass half concrete driveway?

awesome driveway fix  

Awesome Directions

directions into a pole  



Awesome ATM Placement


atm placement

How Many People Use This Gate?

how many people use this gate


Agressive Faucet!

aggressive faucet


Go Home!!!

go home architect


worst real estate fixes

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