Top 10 Real Estate Twitter Accounts To Follow

I’m not sure exactly why but I love twitter!  I love that it’s easy, instant news.  Anyway, I’ve compiled a list of Twitter accounts to follow.  I don’t have an account for Real Estate Finance HQ, but I would love it if you followed my personal twitter account: @jimmymoncrief

1. @InmanNews
The official Twitter account for, this account keeps you updated on real estate news, commentary and specific eventsfrom Inman.
2. @NAR_Research
Here you’ll find expert advice from NAR that covers the economy, but most importantly, the housing market and how it will affect you.
3. @justinrazmus
This personal Tweeter sends out daily tips, advice and fun facts about the real estate market and how real estate agents can improve their business.
4. @CAMagazine
The Chicago Agent Magazine uses this handle to not only cover real estate news in Chicago, but also trends and tips for real estate agents nationwide.
5. @CMYates
Receive various information about anything real estate related from this real estate investor’s Twitter handle.
6. @WSJrealestate and @mstrozier
The first is the official Twitter account for real estate update from the Wall Street Journal, while the other is the editor. Both bring important, up-to-the-minute information about what’s happening nationwide in the real estate market.
7. @Zillow
The Twitter account from provides you with fun pictures, homes, questions and commentary about the housing market.
8. @RealEstateHQ
This is a one-stop resource for the latest trends, tips and advice on real estate.
9. @HousingReporter
A real estate broker and investor tweets daily about real estate trends for both his hometown Tallahassee and Nationwide.
The official Twitter account of the National Association of Realtors.

Did I miss any?

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