What Kind of Real Estate Investor Are You Going To Be? The Answer Might Surprise You…

What kind of real estate investor are you going to be?


A lighthouse or a tugboat?



Lighthouse - Real Estate Finance HQ - Jimmy Moncrief

Let me explain.  

Yesterday, a very successful friend was feeling down because several peer’s “wanted” success.

However, they didn’t “want” to work for it.

They just wanted to sit around and complain.

My good friend had woken up early to meet with them.

He gave them books to read.

He gave them podcast to listen to.

He gave them action steps.

None of the people in this group did anything meaningful with any of the materials and resources my friend gave them.

He was being a tugboat.

A lighthouse stands still.  Always casting light with a solid foundation.

Both do the same job, but with different resources.


It’s far easier just to complain about your situation than to do something about it.


[Tweet “Action will delineate and define you. Thomas Jefferson”]

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