Top Real Estate Podcast

Top Real Estate Podcast ranked in no particular order.
I commute about an hour a day.  Additionally, I make several road trips during the day for client meetings.

All of this means I am basically a real estate podcast expert!

Top Real Estate Podcast

Below are list of my favorite podcast with my favorite episode:


Bigger Pockets

I had to mention these guys first since this was the first podcast I was on.  There podcast are longer than normal but a lot of meaty information.

Favorite Episode:


Just Start Real Estate
Mike Simmons is a great guy and excellent real estate investor.  I highly recommend his podcast, especially for beginners.
Favorite Episode:


Note MBA
I love the note world because I understand their perspective as I’m an investor myself.  However, I also understand the banks perspective since I work at a bank.  If you are interested in the note business at all, you have to listen to this podcast.
Favorite Episode: Episode 17 – What gets measured gets managed


Joe Fairless

J. Scott recommended this podcast to me.  Highly entertaining AND educational.
Favorite Episode:


Epic Real Estate

Matt Theriualt is a fellow Marine and Real Estate Investor.  I really like all the transparency that he provides on his show.
Favorite Episode:


Flip 2 Freedom
I recently started listening to this podcast.  The one big differentiator is that it is video-based and the visual walk-throughs are incredibly valuable to how they run their business.  I highly recommend this one.

Favorite Episode:


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