Top 10 Reasons You Should Date or Marry a Real Estate Investor

Top Reasons To Marry A Real Estate Investor - Real Estate Finance

Here are 10 perks for dating or marrying a real estate investor.

1. Tax Deductible Meals.  No more fast-food.  Eat and drink at your favorite places, all the time, and don’t feel guilty about it.


2. Negotiating.  Are you having trouble with the bank or navigating some other bureaucratic process?  A real estate investor has been there, done that let them negotiate for you.


3. Thick Skin.   Let’s be honest, we all say things we wish we haven’t said.  Make fun of their 1992 pick-up truck, their Goodwill wardrobe or their terrible attention to their wardrobe, they don’t care!  Real estate investors don’t take it personal and are used to communicating with different types of personalities.


4. Resilient.  You want to marry someone who can make it though the good times and the bad times.  Trust me.  Real estate investors know how to manage the down-turns when they happen.


5. Communication. Real estate investors are used to breaking down complex problems into simple solutions.  Hence, they get the job done.  Also, real estate investors are always right.  Just want to make sure you know that. 🙂


6. Social Skills.   Real estate investors talk with everyone from broke tenants to bank presidents on a regular basis.  You never have to worry about them embarrassing you in-front of your friends or family…well most of the time


7. Attitude.  Let’s face it.  Things change last minute and you need somebody that can go with the flow.  Real estate investors are used to this.


8. Networking. Real estate investors work with multiple vendors.  You will be entertained and courted by all of them.  Free Yellowtail and $2 buck chuck wine? YES!!!!  A free blooming onion? Sure! Tickets to the Nickelback and Creed reunion tour? I’m good…  Most of the perks are amazing though.


9. Tenacity.  You need to be with somebody that doesn’t have a defeatist attitude.  Real estate investors are used to getting pushed back and having to keep moving forward.  To be sure you appreciate this fact: These guys are the little engine that could meets Rocky all played by that kid from Rudgy.  Don’t mess with them!


10. Money.  Money is the primary reason for divorce.  Have you ever met a broke real estate investor?  I didn’t think so.  They may not act, dress, drive or eat like they can but believe me, they can! Real Estate investors make it rain!


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