How Sons Of Anarchy Made Me A Smarter Real Estate Investor

Full Disclosure: I don’t even own a T.V.

This forces me to only watch what people have highly recommended to me.  If I did have a T.V. I would probably just browse my life away.

sons of anarchy

Anyway, my best friend recommended Sons of Anarchy.  I watched a couple of episodes and honestly didn’t like it.

I’m not into motorcycles.

I’m not into biker chicks.

I’m not into biker gangs.


You get the idea.  My best friend was relentless though and told me to keep watching.


By the end of the first season I was staying up until 2 a.m. watching this stuff.

The characters are incredible.  The story is even more incredible.


Anyway, how did this make me a better Real Estate Investor?




Admittedly, these guys don’t do much planning.  However, it helps me personally watch them, because they make out a plan and usually within a day, they take action on the plan.

When is the last time you can say that?

For me personally, I usually find a good real estate investment.  Go look at it.  Build a spreadsheet without about 10 different variations.  Call contractors and get estimates.  You get the idea.

Sometimes I fall into “analysis paralysis.”

It’s interesting that even though Sons of Anarchy doesn’t plan much.  Most of their mistakes come from unforseen events.  I have experienced the same thing with real estate investing.  Some of the best things and some of the worst things I could have never imagined.




Very similar to above – these guys take action!  If something needs to be done, they do it…right then.  It doesn’t matter if they are tired, hungry, their friends want to hang, they don’t care.  They just go do it.

Another thing is that ironically, you never see these guys just hanging out.  Yes, they party hard, but they work hard as well.

How does this affect my real estate investing?

I’ve actually stopped planning so much.  I know that sounds bad.  However, sometimes I feel like I’m simply planning to plan.

The important thing that is going to move you forward is action!

As Thomas Jefferson said: Action will delineate and define you!



If you’ve never seen the show, these guys have what they call: “church.”  Which is a table they debate action points and plans and even vote on things.  This “church” is very similar to a board of directors.

The most interesting thing about “church” is what is heavily debated, which is “what they do.”

Members of the biker gang fiercely debate about getting away from their core expertise in building guns.

Rightly so, because pretty much every business they have done away from guns has gotten the gang in serious trouble.

How does this make me a better real estate investor?  I’m focusing not only on multifamily properties, but now I’m focusing only on three area codes in my city.

Hopefully, this will help me stop running around the city looking at every deal realtors pitch to me.



If you watch the show you have undoudedtly had the same thought I did which is: “I need some prospects in my life to do errands”

The gangs fierce dedication to its own club is crazy.  It doesn’t matter what they do, murder, cheating, whatever.  Everyone stays dedicated to the mission of the Sons of Anarchy.

This is perhaps the most interesting thing I have learned from the show.

I’m a very independent person and like to work autonomously.  However, if you are serious about growth you need to figure out how to build a team.

At the very least, develop systems that will support growth.




2014 is turning out to be a great year.  I’m taking action.  I’m staying focused.

Something I didn’t write about above, is that challenges are coming.  I’ve already dealt with numerous blow-ups.

That is the world we live in.  We don’t live in utopia.

I just now know that you have to know they are coming and be ready this year…for both success and failure.

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