Best Construction Management App   Recently updated !

My long-time readers know that last year I built a house and was looking for a construction management app.  Overall, it was a great process but I was surprised how old school everything was with paper documentation and an endless supply of emails. About 95% of my calls were just calls to “check-in” and as […]

best construction management app

Expert Secrets Book Review

I recently read Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson and wanted to do a book review I loved it so much!  I read a lot of books and this is one of the most interesting books I have read in a long-time.  Not only did I buy the book but I bought a bunch of supporting material […]

Don’t Buy a Home Without Reading This [Infographic]

Buying a house is likely to be the biggest financial commitment that you will make for your entire life, and while the experience can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, it’s important to get it right in order to avoid excessive extra costs in the future. And when it’s your first time buying it can be […]

3 Ways To Make Money In Real Estate This Week With No Cash

3 Ways To Make Money In Real Estate This Week With No Cash

Every week somebody asks me how they can get started in real estate investing with no cash. From now on, I’m just going to let them read this blog post! 🙂   If you wait to get started until you have enough cash – you never will get started – from my experience. I have […]

Favorite Books

Before I had kids I would read around 50 books a year! I have since toned-it down to around 25 a year now. Below is a very short list of my favorite books I highly recommend to just about everybody. I thought it would be easier to just make 1 list of my favorite books, […]

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9 Celebrities Who Also Secretly Flip Houses

In America we love celebrities and real estate.  Which explains why we just elected Donald Trump! Below are some celebrities that also flip houses and are in the real estate game. What’s most impressive to me is that some of them flip multimillion dollar houses in a couple of months!  This is EXTREMELY difficult! Dexter […]

How Do I Automate My House?

  Most of you guys know that I built a house last year and finished up this spring.  For a long-time I have wanted to focus on automating your house as I feel this is the next BIG THING! Below are some products I have either bought or plan on buying to automate my house. […]

nest thermostat for home automation

How Crowdfunding is Changing the Capital Stack for Real Estate Investing

When the JOBS Act was signed into law in 2012, many industry promoters claimed very big things, many of which have unfortunately failed to come to pass. Very few industries have seen the massive capital infusions the JOBS Act and equity crowdfunding had promised to delivery. In fact, most of the equity in equity crowdfunding […]

5 Simple Money Steps To Get Control Of Your Money This Week

You know you need to budget, save, improve your credit score, but you keep putting it off!!!! Everybody does!!!! Calm down and take one thing at a time! Below is a VERY simple 4 step plan to take control of your money instead of your lack of money controlling you. Follow this plan exactly and […]

simple steps to organize your finances this week

4 Warning Signs You’re Too Busy To Succeed

Have you ever randomly ran into somebody from your past you would like to hang-out with but you find yourself saying: “I’m busy” “I’m slammed” “Between work and family I have no life” The reality is that we all have the same 24-hours in a day AND time is our most precious… Click To Tweet […]