Reasons You Should Never Invest In Real Estate

Reasons You Should Never Invest In Real Estate


Real Estate is the primary reason the majority of the Forbes 400 investors become wealthy.


However, see below for some reasons to not invest in real estate.


reasons you should never invest in real estate - funny pic

Don’t you prefer to look at what you own online?

look at real estate - now look at me


Are you afraid to negotiate?


real estate gif on price too high


You like complaining about the stock market and your 401k

real estate is hard


You hate reading real estate listings


funny real estate listing

You hate responsibility!

real estate location location location

You are afraid to call somebody who knows how to fix things

real estate repairs

30-days of paperwork to close = lifetime wealth = too much trouble?


funny real estate meme


Are you ready to invest now?


ready to invest in real estate gif


Hopefully you found “Reasons You Should Not Invest In Real Estate” funny!  Real Estate at the end of the day provides great income and is a great long-term asset.  I know several people who came from literally nothing and are now millionaires using real estate.


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