Real Estate Investing Systems – Creating And Scaling Your Real Estate Business

Approximately 1 year ago I was in a funk.

Without describing too much details I’ll give you a specific example of what sucked in my life.  My real estate business wasn’t growing it was stagnant.  My job was also stagnating.  My marriage was also stagnating.  At the same time, I was in overdrive trying to run a real estate business, another side business and a full-time job, AND be a dad and a husband.

One year late, I’ve moved to a significantly better job, my real estate business has tripled, my family life is better and I have significantly more time to fish and hang-out with my friends.

How did I do this?

I’m doing a webinar on how I utilized free software to organize and automate my real estate business.  I’m not going to tell you everything in my life is automated – especially real estate investing.  Every time I hear someone say something like: “I buy properties without even looking at them” it scares me to death.

I have automated about 80% of my real estate duties (following the 80/20 rule) and this has not only freed up my time, but also increased the profit of my real estate company.

Here is the link to the real estate webinar

It seems overwhelming at first to document everything in your workflow but it really isn’t.  The trick is just to document single-steps.  Then after about a month everything is done.