Portfolio Loan Spreadsheet

This is my last post in the series on getting a portfolio loan.

Part I:  How to get a portfolio loan?

Part II: What are the banks looking for when analyzing a portfolio loan?

The final post involves putting all of your real estate and other collateral in a spreadsheet for easy approval.

As an underwriter, I have literally seen investors apply for portfolio loans with their property information on scratch pieces of paper and I have seen investors apply for a portfolio loan using a bank book and portfolio loan spreadsheet.

You can take a WILD-GUESS at what loan got approved (with the best terms) and what didn’t get even looked at.


I created a portfolio loan workbook that is easily organizes all of your cash-flows and collateral.


Using this workbook will ensure you not only get the portfolio loan you are looking for, but you can also use it as a negotiation tool between you and other bankers to ensure you get the portfolio loan on the terms and condition you want.

Get it in the link here.

If you have any questions or comments after you buy it please email me and I will help you with any issues you might be having.


Note, if you are a note-investor you could easily use this to get a loan on a portfolio of notes you have or use it to get a line of credit to buy bank notes and REO property.