The Worst Real Estate Fixes of All Time

Worst Real Estate Fixes Of All Time   I have been investing in real estate for over 10 years now!  To say that I’ve seen my share of shoddy fixes would be an understatement.   The best was when my wife hired a painter that fell asleep on the ladder!!!!   My post on 15 […]

worst real estate fixes

why does Mark Cuban say Saving Money is Stupid quote

Why Does Billionaire Mark Cuban Say Saving Money Is Stupid?

Why Does Billionaire Mark Cuban Say Saving Money Is Stupid?   I hope all you guys love SharkTank as much as I do!  My wife and I love watching it after the kids go to bed and see everybody’s business ideas.   Most people probably don’t know this but Mark Cuban has more money than […]

Reasons You Should Never Invest In Real Estate

Reasons You Should Never Invest In Real Estate   Real Estate is the primary reason the majority of the Forbes 400 investors become wealthy.   However, see below for some reasons to not invest in real estate.   Don’t you prefer to look at what you own online?   Are you afraid to negotiate?   […]

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build a website in 9 minutes

How To Start A Website in 9 Minutes

There is absolutely no excuse for not having a personal website. 2016 is the year of personal branding. Do you want to be just a nameless employee and everybody know you for where you work or who you work for? I didn’t think so. Follow the steps below and you can start a website in […]

Awesome and Affordable Gifts For Men

Check out these Awesome and Affordable Gifts for every MAN you know! Everybody I know complains about buying gifts for the men in their life: Dads, Grandads, Husbands, Sons.   Problem: Gifts for Men Solution: AWESOME AND AFFORDABLE GIFTS FOR MEN Bourbon Stones I absolutely love my bourbon stones.  I love bourbon and hate it […]

Awesome and Affordable Gifts for Men

free real estate spreadsheets .xls

10 Free Real Estate Spreadsheets

What’s better than free real estate spreadsheets?   I don’t know either!   Each one of the sheets below are free and are designed to be used with Excel, but will more than likely work if you useOpenOffice (basically a free version of Microsoft Office). Some may also work withGoogle Docs, but I have had […]

15 Cheap Upgrades To A House For A 100% ROI

15 Cheap Upgrades To A  House For A 100% ROI When you are deciding to buy a rental property, inevitably you will want to make some upgrades and/or repairs.  The problem is, there is not an infinite budget you are working with.  Adding pressure to this problem, is you want to know:   What Is […]

15 Cheap Property Upgrades - Family

Real Estate Investing With No Cash – My Real Examples

Real Estate Investing With NO CASH – sounds like an infomercial at first.   Then it sounds like an impossible idea. However, there is a way, and in this article I will write about 5 strategies I have used personally to invest in real estate without putting any cash down.   “Real estate cannot be lost […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Private Lending For Real Estate

Private Lending for Real Estate – The Ultimate Guide

Private Lending for Real Estate – The Ultimate Guide   No Bank Hassles + Faster Closing Time = Private Money Whenever I ask real estate investors what their biggest problem is, they inevitably say: Not Enough Capital To Grow My Business Let’s face it: real estate is a capital intensive business If you flip, you […]