My Favorite Business Book Of All Time

I recently made a list of my top real estate books – none were actual real estate books.  However, they were instrumental in me building a business.

However, one very important book was left off.

This book was THE MOST INFLUENTIAL in changing my thinking.

There were two major events that changed my thinking before I read the book, but I had no foundation for this new way of thinking.

This book is exactly that – the foundation.

Here were my two events that changed my way of thinking:

1. I became a partner at a hedge-fund when I was 24 and sold it to a private equity firm when I was 27.

2. I spent an entire day running investment forecast models and figured out that there was no mathematical way to actually “retire” by simply investing in a 401K and maxing out your IRA’s.


The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime.


I want all of my readers to click on the link above and go buy this book.

If you can’t afford it.  Email me and I’ll buy it for you.  Seriously, I will.

There are two primary reasons why you should buy this book:

1) MJ has actually done it – he’s not just talking in generalities.  He gives very specific advice.

2. He specifically talks about real estate and how real estate can be a horrible investment if structured the wrong way.  No, I’m not talking about how you finance the property.  That’s why you read this blog!

Again, buy the book – I have a finance degree, I’ve worked as an executive at a Fortune 100 company, I’ve started and sold multiple businesses and there is no better book out there that offers such actionable ideas.