Institutional Real Estate Finance: Pay Attention to What I Do, Not What I Say…

There is no shortage of people offering advice. It always amazes me the people that offer me unsolicited advice. They don’t know who I am, much less what my goals are. Yet, they still offer advice…

Because of this I pay attention to what people do, instead of what people say. Too often I have seen people give advice that they themselves don’t even follow.

This is why this headline really caught my eye.

“Blackstone to Buy Stakes in Apartment Complexes From GE Unit”

Source: Wall Street Journal

Effective Rent Rate for Rental Property


My favorite data point in the article was this: “Moody’s apartment index, which tracks the national average price of multifamily rental buildings, is up 59% from its 2009 lows, compared with a 35% gain for its National All Property Index.”