How To Start A Website in 9 Minutes

There is absolutely no excuse for not having a personal website.

2016 is the year of personal branding.

Do you want to be just a nameless employee and everybody know you for where you work or who you work for?

I didn’t think so.

Follow the steps below and you can start a website in less than 10 minutes.

I have used several domain and hosting companies and I have found Bluehost to be the easiest to work with for the following reasons:

They have amazing support

They are incredibly cheap ($3.95 for my readers!)

Their hosting makes your site incredibly secure and fast

Bluehost is very large and well-known


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I have provided a visual guide of the steps below. 

build a website in 9 minutes

Follow the steps below to start a web-site in 9 minutes


1. Getting A Paid Hosting Account (don’t worry this will be cheap)
2. Buying A Domain Name
3. Setting Up Hosting
4. Installing WordPress
5. How To Install A Theme



Having your own personal name for a site is critical.  I would also highly recommend getting a .com domain.

If you are thinking of having a business website as well buy the businesses domain name as well as your personal domain.

Domain names are super cheap and the hosting company I recommend let’s you buy domain names for around $10 each.

Click this link to buy your domain.

step1 for setting up a website



Most people get intimated by this but it’s extremely easy setting up hosting at Bluehost.

step 2 for setting up a website


Step 3 Bluehost Set-Up

step 3 for setting up a website


Step 4


Place your order for whichever plan you chose.




Step 5


Click “Install WordPress”

setting up a wordpress site


Step 6


wordpress authentication



Step 7


Step 8


setting up a wordpress username


Step 9


wordpress hosting


Step 10


logging into wordpress for the first time


Your Done!




Install Your WordPress Theme


If you buy hosting and a domain name through one of my affiliate links email me and I will give you a premium wordpress theme.

Appearance” > Themes > Upload a New Theme. Here you will upload the .zip file

wordpress theme installation


If you have any questions just shoot me an email and I will be glad to help you!