Expert Secrets Book Review

I recently read Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson and wanted to do a book review I loved it so much!  I read a lot of books and this is one of the most interesting books I have read in a long-time.  Not only did I buy the book but I bought a bunch of supporting material with the book which I go over in my video review below.

Expert Secrets for Real Estate Service Providers

In my extremely biased opinion, this book is more applicable to real estate investors than perhaps any sector of the economy.

Here is why:

There are 74.5 million households that own a home in the United States.


The majority of those homeowners will be looking to either downsize (if you are a babyboomer) or (expand) if you are looking to buy more real estate as an investor.  These customers are going to want to deal with the experts and not waste their time with beginners and novices.

If you are a service provide you want to be an expert – BOTTOM LINE!

Who do you want to do business with:

A Title Attorney – or an EXPERT TITLE ATTORNEY

A Realtor – OR AN EXPERT REALTOR in the area you are looking at

A Lender – AN EXPERT LENDER in the type of investing you do

A Contractor – AN EXPERT CONTRACTOR in the type of remodeling you do


Expert Secrets for Real Estate Investors

If you are an investor it’s absolutely critical you read this book AND more importantly take action.  Let me ask you the following questions:

Who does a bank want to lend to: A beginner real estate investor or an expert real estate investor

Who does an agent want to work with: A beginner real estate investor or an expert real estate investor

Who do the top builders and contractors want to work with: A beginner real estate investor or an expert real estate investor


I recently attended a high-end mastermind in Dana Point, California.

I heard a quote that will stay with me forever:

[Tweet “In a world where everyone has access to the same information, only the artists will win. “]

This book gives you actionable advice on building a unique personal advantage for yourself.

Below is the table of contents of the book to show you all the information that you will get.  I think it’s also important to talk a little about the author.  Russell Brunson has built multimillion dollar businesses in multiple types of business: supplements, information products, software, and real estate.

Therefore, I think he has proven that you can take this advice and put it to work in any area you plan on being an expert in.


As you can tell I highly recommend this book for anyone looking at creating a competitive advantage for themselves in whatever field they choose.  I also highly recommend the bonuses on the second page of the order form.

Here is why: how many times have you read a book and then after a couple of months (despite the best of intentions) not taken any action on the book.

All the bonuses will give you all the extra help in putting this book into action!

Email me after you read the book and let me know your thoughts!