2 Construction Loan Terms You Have To Know Before Building Your First House

Are you thinking of building your first house?

Construction Loan Terms are very different than a typical loan for real estate.

They vary wildly between different banks, but I included some basic terms you need to know before getting a construction loan.

A construction loan has it’s own set of terms that very wildly between different banks.

Most banks can lend up to 90% of cost (excluding labor).  However, the permanent loan has to be 80% loan-to-appraised value.


All construction loan rates are interest only.

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Be sure to check out the construction loan calculator to calculate the monthly interest cost for your construction loan.

Your interest rate is going to vary by lending institution but 5%-7% is a normal range.  Remember, go with a reputable lender that routinely does construction loans.  Also, don’t just go with the lowest-rate.  You are only paying interest only, so its not that much more if you pay a higher-rate and they can act faster.  In-fact you will develop a better banking relationship and you will probably be able to close faster.

Aside from the interest rate you also want to learn how to manage paying your sub-contractors and construction draws.

For example, I’m in the planning stages of building a quadplex.  I met with 84 Lumber and the salesperson informed me that they can give 90-day terms and include labor to build the roof and get everything dried-in.  That is huge!  This cuts my interest-carry cost significantly.  Conversely, some of my sub-contractors have requested I pay them as soon as the job is finished.  I agreed…after I negotiated a 10% discount!


The biggest problem with a construction loan is two things:


1. Not going with a reputable builder.

Please do yourself a favor and go with a builder that has a proven reputation.  Get recommendations from multiple people – not just people he or she tells you to talk to.

Additionally, take an engineering friend to several houses he has built before.  This is a six-figure investment.  Do a significant amount of due diligence!  Do they have builders insurance?


2. Bad appraisals

Unfortunately there is not much to be done about this.  However, there are a lot of appraisals where there square footage is wrong or the lot size is wrong.  Then you can easily challenge the appraisal.

I hope this helps with the details of all of the terms regarding construction loan requirements.


Next Steps…

I have financed hundreds of new construction projects.  However, I’m about to start building my first house!

The picture above is the neighborhood I’m building in.

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