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Are We In Another Real Estate Bubble?

Regardless of what people say – housing is emotional.  Most people are overly optimistic about not only their neighborhood but the value of their house. Yes, a house is an investment – because it’s a huge financial obligation and liability if you took out a mortgage. However, it’s easy to get attached to this investment […]

Are Women Better Real Estate Investors?

For whatever reason, the vast majority of real estate investors tend to be men.  However, does this mean they are more skilled than women at real estate investing? A study by U.C. Berkely found female investors outperformed male investors by approximately 1% per year. Source: There have been similar studies by a variety of institutions […]

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My New Favorite Budgeting Tool That Is Completely Free

  Like most people I have tried out a ton of free budgeting tools like:   Spreadsheets Mint You Need A Budget   But they never did exactly what I needed it to. Specifically, I’ve been looking for three primary functions for a budgeting tool: Completely Automated – I can link accounts and everything will […]

3 Free Spreadsheets To Make Tax Time Easy .xls

Want to make tax time easy? Of-course you do! Even for the hyper-organized tax time can be a headache. You are constantly gathering documents, organizing them, and then reorganizing them. I am a W-2 employee, own a business and own rental property. This year I created some checklist to help me organize my files.   […]

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