Capital One and ING have $20 for you

One of the best things I have ever done to save money was have a money market account at ING (now Capital One).

Why is this so different than another savings account?

There are two gigantic differences:

1. We don’t do any other banking at ING.  Therefore, we never log-in and see how much money is in there and therefore are not tempted to spend it.

2. Sub-accounts.  Instead of having a ton of different accounts – we just have sub-accounts.  For instance, we have our primary account, but underneath this we have sub-accounts for: vacation, new house, car, etc.


Capital One Money Market Account Sub Accounts

Capital One Money Market Account Sub Accounts

There are other differences but these are the primary two that really sets this bank apart.

I encourage everyone to check-it out.  Heck, you get $20 just for trying it out.


I almost forgot what might be my favorite part of this bank – they don’t mail you anything!  This is the only bank that has ever done this and I love it!  My wife and I hate the mail!  It junks up your house, is horrible for the environment and generally serves no purpose.  Unless, of-course it’s a check!

Get $20 now.