Awesome and Affordable Gifts For Men

Check out these Awesome and Affordable Gifts for every MAN you know!

Everybody I know complains about buying gifts for the men in their life: Dads, Grandads, Husbands, Sons.



Gifts for Men



Awesome and Affordable Gifts for Men

Bourbon Stones

bourbon stones

I absolutely love my bourbon stones.  I love bourbon and hate it when ice melts and destroys the genuine bourbon.  This is an absolute must have!


Tactical Knife

I love the clip that comes with this knife along with the serrated knife and bottle opener.  This is another must have!


Old-Fashion Candle

Let’s be completely honest: Candle’s are for chicks – BUT NOT BOURBON CANDLES!



Chemex Coffeemaker

Once you have coffee out of a Chemex – you don’t go back!  Amazing coffee that takes the acidity and bitterness out of a lot of coffee.


Mission Belt

Let’s be honest: we gain weight and we lose weight.  Meanwhile are belts get worn out and look weird.  Mission belts solves this problem!


Beer or Wine Bottle Opener

Great knife that’s also a bottle opener and a wine bottle opener



This is the ultimate gift!  Store ice for weeks – and who doesn’t need to store ice for weeks?

If you need a true man’s man gift – this is the one!




I hope these gift ideas help!  Let me know if I missed anything that you think is critical!