Favorite Books

Before I had kids I would read around 50 books a year! I have since toned-it down to around 25 a year now. Below is a very short list of my favorite books I highly recommend to just about everybody. I thought it would be easier to just make 1 list of my favorite books, […]

nest thermostat for home automation

How Do I Automate My House?

  Most of you guys know that I built a house last year and finished up this spring.  For a long-time I have wanted to focus on automating your house as I feel this is the next BIG THING! Below are some products I have either bought or plan on buying to automate my house. […]

Top Real Estate Technology Companies

Top 12 Real Estate Technology Companies

  I truly believe that in the next 10 years real estate will be the major industry that gets disrupted by technology.  Obviously housing conditions will fluctuate as will different markets and interest rates.  The housing styles will also change like they always have. The fact that we are still buying houses in 2016 the […]