Save Up $10,000 This Year With This Chart   Recently updated !

I previously posted up a bingo-style table for more personal use on how to save-up $1,000.   However, if you want to really go big just add a zero to all the figures and save-up for $10,000 for your real estate investing.   If you haven’t set-up a budget and personal financial statement, I highly […]

easy money saving chart save $10,000

How To Get A Mortgage For A Rental Property

Getting a mortgage for a rental property can be very different from getting a mortgage for a personal residence. The first time I got a rental property under contract, everybody told me: “we don’t do mortgages for non-owner occupied residential houses.” The very first thing you need to do when evaluating financing for your rental […]

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best construction management app

Best Construction Management App

My long-time readers know that last year I built a house and was looking for a construction management app.  Overall, it was a great process but I was surprised how old school everything was with paper documentation and an endless supply of emails. About 95% of my calls were just calls to “check-in” and as […]

Favorite Books

Before I had kids I would read around 50 books a year! I have since toned-it down to around 25 a year now. Below is a very short list of my favorite books I highly recommend to just about everybody. I thought it would be easier to just make 1 list of my favorite books, […]