Anyone else have blood on their monopoly board? What Rich Dad Poor Dad Can’t Teach You…

Monopoly can end up being a violent sport.  Let me explain.

After about 6 months of dating I knew I was going to marry my wife.

She wanted to do a double-date with this other couple, the guy was into investing in real estate.

Mind you, the other couple was from church and was also planning on getting married.

The girls thought we would get along great: into real estate, competition and great food.

At the time I was in the Marines and this guy was a big baseball player in college.

<read: testosterone overload!>


They suggested we play monopoly.

This guy that I was supposed to be friends with was a total Jack A$$.

He starts the game with: “You know I’ve never lost.”

To which I replied: “Did you know I’ve never lost?”


If you have ever played the game you know….it takes forever!

Our future wives could care less about the game, they were busy just talking, to this day I don’t know what about…


It ended-up being just us 2 playing for over 3 hours!


I forgot the specific situation, but I know it involved Park Place… we both stood up and were about to Fight!

That’s right we stood-up and were about to swing at each other!

Our girlfriends (at the time) rushed over and grabbed us and started telling us both to calm down.


We ended-up having to just stop playing (our now wives forced-us).


14 years later the story is freaking hilarious!  We are now best friends and both own rental property!


A game that we now play that is far superior to monopoly that gives you actionable business ideas is the Rich Dad Poor Dad

board game Cash Flow!


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