Amazon Prime Hacks For Real Estate Investors

I use Amazon Prime fanatically.  I thought this post would be fun to create some amazon prime hacks for real estate investors.

My wife and I watch TV shows, I read Kindle books, send gifts to friends.

amazon hacks for real estate investors

Even though I love Amazon Prime personally, I’ve never considered using it for my real estate business.

A while ago one of my friends flipped a house exclusively using Amazon!


When is say exclusively, I mean literally.  Whenever he needed tools, supplies, water for his workers, he just opened up his Amazon App and ordered whatever he needed and had it shipped to his house.


Bandit Signs

Whether you are a wholeseller or a realtor or a buy and hold investor – most everybody uses signs.  I hgihly reocmmend just buying them on Amazon


Amazon Echo

This is really useful if you work in a office setting.  However, we use it a ton at our house.

We love the music on it, but a lot of my friends that are small business owners use the list feature.

I wrote an extensive review of other tools I have used to automate my house here.

However, just know that the Echo is the central command center for my house.

I have been pleasantly surprised with how functional and helpful it is for me and my family.


Amazon Tools

Most people don’t know this but under Amazon’s return policy people can return things for anything at all.  The best part is that these tools that are returned are sold significantly cheaper than paying full retail.  If they don’t work you still get to return them


Look for deeper discounts on Amazon Warehouse / Outlet

While Amazon Warehouse is limited to open box / refurbished items, you can often find amazing discounts on popular products. We’ve ordered from Amazon Warehouse before and received refurbished items in impeccable condition.

Amazon Outlet contains new items, but these items are usually out of season or possibly discontinued by the manufacturer. Many times, this is also where Amazon Gold Box items are pulled from.


Do you take pictures? Use your unlimited storage perk

Using cloud storage, Amazon Prime members can archive their entire photo collection for free with Amazon Cloud Drive. There’s no limitations on file size or volume of photos, making it ideal for both professional and amateur photographers that need a place to backup their media.



Not a Prime Hack per-say but I highly recommend Audible!  You are probably in the car a lot listening to music and some podcasts.  But if you want to learn at a deeper level I highly recommend Audible!

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

amazon hacks for real estate investors