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Construction Loan Requirements – Getting Started

This post is a part my Construction Loan Series.  The other post in this series are: Construction Loan Infographic How Does A Construction Loan Work Obviously different banks and lending institutions have different construction loan requirements.  Therefore, you should at minimum talk to three different lenders about what their requirements are and what the range […]

My Favorite Business Book Of All Time

I recently made a list of my top real estate books – none were actual real estate books.  However, they were instrumental in me building a business. However, one very important book was left off. This book was THE MOST INFLUENTIAL in changing my thinking. There were two major events that changed my thinking before […]

Mobile Home Finance Interview

I had a great interview with Aaron Kinney about a month ago. Unfortunately, due to the launch of the Real Estate Finance Blueprint I am just now getting around to posting it. Side note: The Real Estate Finance Blueprint covers non-traditional ways to get financing for things like investing in mobile home parks.   In […]